The world I choose to live in

23 Jan 20131 Min Read — In Storytelling

The title of this post was going to be 'I want to live in a world where…'

Wishful thinking won't take me there. Instead, it's perception, acceptance, and filtering.

There are numerous problems in this world, some more urgent than others. You will make no impact when you think of your next big idea. You make no impact when you ship your next product. Your impact is a function of the product you make and the story you tell.

The goal is to invest time on projects that demonstrate your beliefs about this world. We want you to create your product and change our minds. Help us see the world in the way that you do. We don't care what you believe, we care about how the story connects the product to a greater purpose.

We intersect with the world through our opinions and our stories.

Opinions + actions = stories.

I choose to live in a world where…

  • I will fail.
  • I will be judged.
  • Things might not work.
  • Success is measured by the lives I change each day.
  • I'm true to myself.
  • Life is a series of projects, nothing is forever.
  • Time is not money, and there is no exchange rate where it becomes equitable.