I've recently moved from Sydney to Singapore. Aside from settling into the change of culture, food, and weather here is what I've been working on.

  • Becoming an Linchpin in the field of Data Analytics
    • Why: unless you've been living under a rock (sometimes I contemplate the merits of this), big data is here to stay. My concern is these data will be used for evil instead of for good.
    • How: I use data science to help people deeply understand their customers, primarily focusing on customer lifetime value.
    • Progress: currently working with the amazing team at Switch Digital and building products that help us build brand relationships.
  • Building my full-stack programming toolkit:
    • Why: I studied economics, not computer science. This was a choice of convenience. Although has the years passed, I've yearned for a technical and creative expression of my thinking. It turns out that I absolutely love programming.
    • How: combining with my work in data analytics, I'm going deep into the PostgreSQL flavour of SQL, and Javascript across all environments. This includes adding interactivity on websites, building full-stack web applications, and creating data-processing utilities.
    • Progress: about one-third of my time at my computer is programming, this is about 70 hours per month as of the month of June 2017. Whilst a lot of this time is on personal and client projects, I'd like to contribute more to open source projects. This will force me to learn more from others.
  • Writing prestige car rental reviews at Ride Hacks
    • Why: personal transport is economically inefficient, public transport is underfunded in countries where driving is 'normal', and driving experiences enable transformative traveling adventures.
    • How: removing the barriers to great driving experiences and matching drivers to unique experiences.
    • Progress: Ride Hacks has been running for a few years now. However, I haven't contributed any new content in the last 12 months. Given that I still have people who find this topic interesting, I will keep up the site and expand the reach outside of Australia.

Trusted sources of information

Not a day goes by when I'm recommended a new person to read or follow. I've made a conscious decision that 2016 and 2017 are about reflection and execution, not ingestion of new perspectives. I'm confident that my curated list of people below will guide me to meet those goals above.

Software that I use every day:

  • Segment - the most influential player in web analytics for the future
  • Chartio - the easiest and most elegant data visualisation and SQL exploratory tool I've used
  • PostgreSQL - my default database for data warehousing and exploratory analysis
  • Google Tag Manager - the most efficient way for me to make a scalable impact on any website
  • Google Analytics - everyone uses it by default so it's worth being the best at extracting its value
  • Intercom - the backbone of my communication strategy for Ride Hacks - on-site and email
  • Foundation 6 - my choice of front-end framework - focus on efficiency and shipping code
  • Slack - getting conversations out of email
Todd Heslin

Todd Heslin

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