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Hi I'm Todd, it's pretty fun being me. I'm a loving husband and entrepreneur turned small-time angel investor. I love to see remarkable people work on remarkable projects and make a difference in the lives they care about. It happens every day, in my city and in yours. This blog is about capturing these moments.

Maybe we're similar.

Or maybe we're not, that's okay too. You see, I think differently to other entrepreneurs you may have met. Although this has worked in my favour, I deeply hope that my perspective might help you too. Do you care about deepening your relationships with your customers? Read on.

Starting from a young age, I've built online and offline businesses, made lots of mistakes, had a few extraordinary wins and have the battle wounds to make your ride a little smoother. I try not to preach or rant but I'm passionate about helping people to settle for nothing less than being remarkable.

I've worked with a select handful of the world's top companies (Ernst & Young, Apple etc) as well as the smallest unknown startups. The value I create is very simple - I narrow my involvement down to one question.

How does your business build, analyse and deepen intimate relationships with your most passionate customers?

Some people call this strategy, others call it customer development. It's what I do best. Outside of my online projects where I have a broader impact, I only consult with clients who I believe have the right mindset to truly deepen their customer relationships. If this isn't you, that's okay maybe we're not right for each other. If this is you, I can help you with a framework and principles to truly build long lasting value in your business.

If you're not sure where to start, you can subscribe to my email list. I'll be in touch and we'll take things from there. Otherwise, you can directly contact me here.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope to meet you sometime.

-- Todd

Todd Heslin

Todd Heslin

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